RECERCAT colloquium

On Saturday 10th May FIET will hold a round table event at the 10th RECERCAT symposium on Local Culture and Research in the Catalan-Speaking Regions, organized, with the support of local research groups from the city of Barcelona, by the Ramon Muntaner Institute (IRMU), the Department of Culture of the Generalitat de Catalunya, the Coordinadora de Centres d’Estudis de Parla Catalana (Catalan-language study centre coordinator), and Barcelona City Council.

The round table, the title of which is “Local/global: culture, education and Information Technology”, will take place at 12.30 pm at the Arts Santa Mònica in Barcelona. The moderator for this event is FIET coordinator, Mercè Gisbert. Also participating in the round table are Llorenç Soldevilla, member of the Centre d'Estudis Argentonins; Carles Duarte, president of the National Council for Culture and Arts (CoNCA); Tania Martínez of the Grup d'Estudis d'Esplugues; and Ferran Grau of the Centre d'Estudis d'Ulldecona.

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