Inauguration of the FIET web site

On 7th February 2014 the FIET web site and the FIET Facebook and Twitter social networking sites were inaugurated.

The International Forum on Education and Technology (FIET 2014) is one of the initiatives that will be held to commemorate the Tercentenary of the events of 1714, a decisive year in the history of Catalonia. The Forum is a component of the tercentenary’s Thought strategic line, which will comprise activities characterised by reflection and debate, from a wide range of perspectives, on what the future of Catalonia as a society should be like.

FIET 2014 aims to create a meeting space where internationally renowned figures from the world of Education and Technology can reflect and make proposals collectively regarding their transformative role in a digital context.

This FIET 2014 web site and our social networking sites will provide information about the latest news on the Forum as well as every aspect of its organisation and thematic axes.